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KwMap.com November 18, 2008

Posted by ryanleary in Search Engines.
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KwMap is the keyword map for the Internet. What does this mean? Simple, all you need to do is head over to www.kwmap.com, enter a keyword or phrase and wala. You are given two unique results to look at. First you’ll see a double helix. What’s that? I really don’t know but I know that’s what it’s called. Attached to the double helix are relevant keywords and phrases you can use to narrow and target you search.  The other bit of info you’ll find here is an list arranged in alphabetical order displaying related phrases and search terms you can dig into.  The overall positive here is that the site is unique in the way it is indexing information and above all else, really lets you dig deep into greater detail for whatever it is you are searching. 

Keep a straight head and try to use this tool in your sourcing efforts. I find it particularly good to use when I do not understand something I am looking for. Hmm… Maybe I will try to search a “Double Helix”!

Let me know your thoughts!



1. disberg - May 13, 2009

Seems like this site is gone now. 5/13/09

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