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Interview from home in your skinny’s? HireVue can help! November 20, 2008

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Are you late for your interview? Did the Cat eat your shoes? Dog buried your car keys? No problem.  What if you had the opportunity to get a head start and interview for 25 companies today, live and on the web… I know, I laughed too, but being the technology buff that I am I had to investigate.

As it turns out HireVue has you covered. I spoke with some folks over at HireVue a short while ago and I felt intrigued to share this great tool with everyone. With the economy the way it is and only seemingly getting worse, finding a job will be that much more difficult. The competition is getting better and the salary value is dropping.

So here it goes:

HireVue has created a fun system of interviewing that is FREE to candidates. If you have a computer and the ability to use their FREE web casting package you can make this happen. As a candidate you are simply recording an interview, where you are responding to questions pre-populated by the company of choice.  To simulate a real interview, as the question appears you will have 30 seconds to read the question and 2 minutes to provide a response.  You are continually recorded on both video and audio. What happens from here is cake. The appropriate hiring manager is pinged, logs in, views your video and sends a response to let you know if you have made the cut.


So is this legit? And how do I know companies are taking this serious? That’s a great question and one that I posed as well. The simple answer is yes and yes they are. The better answer and a little piece of mind to you the candidate is that the employer is paying a good fee to use this service. Sure it’s much cheaper than agency fees, but it’s a fee none the less.

Be sure to show your best self. Here are a few points direct from the HireVue website to help you out.

  • Show your passion, drive, and determination.
  • Have a company take a serious look at you, not your resume.
  • Compete on more than just previous experience.

All said and done, I think this technology will take a little to catch on but take a peak at their site and impressive list of companies already signed on. One thing to keep in mind is that the companies who utilize this service are forward thinking, innovative and are looking for candidates that show drive and determination all wrapped up in a creative thinking tank.



1. Mark Newman - November 24, 2008

Ryan –

Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate the post!

We definitely try to help candidates through the interview process of our employer clients. In many cases the candidates receive a free webcam as a thank you from the company they are interviewing for.

Thanks again –


Mark Newman
CEO, HireVue

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