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Cache my Related Info search commands – Google! November 29, 2008

Posted by ryanleary in Search Commands.
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I was speaking the other day to a friend of mine who happens to be a sourcer. We got into a conversation about searching on Google outside of your typical Boolean strings. Now I am one for creating a nice strong string to run against a req. But I am also the one to look for the most return with the least amount of NEW work.

In order to accomplish this I tend to read a lot and keep great notes as to my sourcing strategies for my business at that specific time.  String searching, networking, text messaging… Whatever the approach was I track for results or my ROR. (Return on Recruitment)

Here are 3 very cool ways of searching that do not involve full strings but will sometimes give you more bang for your buck. I find that I use these search techniques a coupe of time a week. Remember, as with any search technique you have to manipulate and run with the trial and error method. There is no one way.


The cache command is Google’s little time machine. Did you ever see a result that you want to find again but you did not bookmark the page? Try using the Cache search command. This will essentially allow you to search a previously cached version of an indexed web page.



The Info command is generally used when looking for specific points of interest for a particular web site or domain. For instance, if I am conducting some research on the “Comcast Corporation” and I enter the string below, I will get these results:


I get:

Google can show you the following information for this URL:

Connect the dots and you can easily see why this search command can be worth while.


And finally I wanted to share with everyone the “related” command. The related command will search and display all of the websites found that are similar and/or related to the site you are researching. This will always pull sub divisions within a company, acquired companies, press releases etc. this search is relevant when you are performing due diligence on competitors or you are tracking down a publisher/speaker/blogger etc. and you are looking for related articles and organizations this person may belong too.


Please feel free to comment or suggest your own searches as well!



1. Website Design - November 29, 2008

Thanks for your information.I learned a lot from it, keep it up!

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