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MiddlesSpot.com – Private Workpads – Private Research December 2, 2008

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So, by now you should probably be in the know that I am a search junkie and any tool that will shave 10 seconds off of my time is a tool for me. That is why I decided to write about www.middlespot.com.  Middlespot is a great tool to use to conduct research. The website itself states that it is geared toward teachers, Liberians and researchers, but with a little creativity you can use this puppy to recruit!

Have you ever used Bookmarklets or social bookmarking sites? I have, and the issues I have with these sites are that my bookmarks and notes I have placed on them are public! With Middlespot your bookmarks and all notes attached are private unless you specify different.

So the look is similar to ordinary search engines but the cool little ditty about Middlespot is that you immediately see snapshots of your results on the right side of the page. You can zoom, browse and tag any of these results without ever going into the site wasting valuable search time.

The search engine uses what is called “workpads.” Workpads are also known as “Clip Boards.” These spaces or workpads are used to store the results you are looking to research. You can revisit these results at anytime or even share these results to specific users. So if you are in a research group looking to build some critical intelligence on competitors or candidates you can all dump the information found into one workpad, tag with the appropriate notes or thought process as to why you saved the site and review the findings amongst your team only.

Just another quick tool to add to the box. A minute shaved is a minute earned. A minute earned is another day you are employed in the worst economic recession we have known! Happy sourcing till next time…




1. Derrick Richards - December 4, 2008

Awsome stuff. the tools and reviews on your Blog are great! Very informative stuff.

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