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RSS & Text your life away! Like OMG will you be my BFF? December 4, 2008

Posted by ryanleary in Other Cool Tools.


As RSS feeds and readers become the ever standing internet standard it is a wonder why in this day and age recruiters still lack the sense to jump on the RSS train. Do you read your morning news online? Do you subscribe to sports illustrated or ESPN feeds to get daily updates on you favorite team? How about stocks?

If this describes you and you are a recruiter you should than you are ahead of the game.  Just think how this technology and cascading of information will benefit your sourcing, time to fill, cost per hire, automation and prevent time wasted! Truly harnessing the power of technology allows you to capture your target audience (Prospects or candidates) at every turn. Notifying candidates of openings, career fairs, informational sessions and knowledge sharing sessions without a formal request will engage non-employees to join or learn more about your world.

RSS is “really simple syndication” and acts as an on demand info spatter. Giving potential candidates the opportunity to create search agents, news feeds or watches will allow you to automatically target prospects that are targeting the information you are feeding as it becomes available. Building and managing your talent communities just got simple! Automate, Automate, Automate!

rss1Did you ever think about text messaging? Here is my quick disclaimer: You have to get permission from the candidates. Be creative and you will find that your response rate will be much greater. We are no longer “smile and dial” The creative recruiter gets the placement!

More on RSS Feeds: Click Here



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