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Communication – Collaboration – Conversation – Community December 8, 2008

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Communication – Collaboration – Conversation – Community

 What do these terms mean to you?

To me they represent the data shift that we have seen over the past few years; it represents the need to share information and the need to touch as many people as possible for no real specific reason. It’s about having the feeling that you belong; the feeling that your thoughts and work are respected and needed. It’s the impact that you have on your peers and the idea that your impact drives motivation.

It’s about sharing thoughts and working in virtual spaces that in reality do not exist if not for an intertwined network of ideas. Or maybe it’s about virtual groups of real people with a central core or thought process. What if this “virtual group” was made up of 7,000 members sharing thoughts, developing ideas and trends? What if this group was guided and crafted to eventually serve as a breeding ground for your industries top talent?

 What if? What if we called this community? And what if as a recruiter you truly leveraged the power of communities to gather information and lead this talent in conversation about real time – real life scenarios at your company? What if? 

You would probably end up with a vast yet targeted talent community.  This community would be one that consists of truly passive candidates never knowing they are involved in a recruiting process. And normally by the time they do realize, you have already built a solid relationship with them, understand their expertise and have an educated quess-timate as to where they will be an asset to your company. And if that is not enough they have already been through two interviews before they ever stepped foot in the office or spoke with a manger on the phone?

 And who would have thought? All through the 4C’s:  Communication – Collaboration – Conversation and Community.

 Questions? Feel free to comment or email me!



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