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Ask the Recruiter?

Got questions? Ask and if I turn your answer into a blog you will win a prize..something I promise!

Got Questions? I’m sure you do, and that is why I am here. Go ahead and submit a question. If I chose your question to be featured as an article you will receive some type of give away. It depends on the week and what is being sponsored.

 Need Technical help? Sourcing questions? Need to understand the logic behind those strings you use each day? I can help, and I will help. Simply submit your question through the email link below I will get back to you ASAP.

 Start submitting now – Q&A is a new feature here and will begin very shortly. email

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I look forward to your Questions!



1. Dawn - March 25, 2009

Hi Ryan,

What suggestions do you have for someone that has multiple jobs on their resume, of which no two really seem to intertwine with each other. In addition, what questions do I ask of myself in order to create a CVresume that is accurate and holds interest. For instance, it seems every four years, I’m laid off, therefore I have had many jobs. In addition, I am a common everyday office worker, albeit valuable, I still feel I lack what I need to present myself in a favorable fashion.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

Thank You,

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