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8 ways to recession proof your job! (Fortune) December 16, 2008

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With the world now officially in a recession I felt the need to post an old article I always keep handy.  I actually posted this back in February as a confirmation to an article I wrote in January as we brought in the New Year. Here is the article in full. A posting from Fortune 2/1/08:

Originally posted February 2008:

As promised I will be posting great articles as I come across them in my readings. This is a follow up to an article I wrote last month regarding the state of our economy and how the workforce may be affected. I have recently read the following article from Fortune (2/1/08) about how to stay on top of your game in the work place.  Now that we (USA) are headed into a recession, I found the info in this article to be great information and worth a read. Please enjoy! ____ (more…)


LinkedIn Poll December 1, 2008

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With LinkedIn now moving towards industry standard status I wanted to share a poll with everyone to see just how much LinkedIn rules your world?

Just a quick poll for everyone to enjoy:

LinkedIn Poll