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Yodel with Yotify – Tracking RSS and Candidates December 20, 2008

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So, here is another great tool that I’ve been using now for a few weeks that I wanted to share with everyone. It’s called Yotify and it works as an aggregator or a “scout” as the site calls it.  Regardless: I like the tool and I have become a pretty big fan of it’s applications over the last couple of weeks. (more…)


Twitter me TweetDeck December 10, 2008

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So it took a little while but now that the world is hooked on twitter, I felt the need to tweet, I mean blog about a fairly new app that has been on the rise. It’s called TweetDeck. It’s been through a ton of modifications to date and is getting better as I type. For me, tweeting is essential. I follow candidates, I communicate with them and I know what they are doing without spending the time on the phone talking to them. It’s always running in my background which slows me down, I miss messages and direct replies, I sometimes (more…)

What can Wakoopa do for you? December 9, 2008

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*Note: be sure to cick the screen shots to see up close explanations.

Remember back in the day, say the year 2000? The turn of the century, Y2K, when we all thought the world was going to end. I personally thought that by now I would be flying my Delorean DMC 12 to work or having my robot housemate fetch me some beverages. So, I never got any of that but I did get Wakoopa!

What the hoopa is Wakoopa?

Wakoopa is a great tool that allows you to (more…)

RSS & Text your life away! Like OMG will you be my BFF? December 4, 2008

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As RSS feeds and readers become the ever standing internet standard it is a wonder why in this day and age recruiters still lack the sense to jump on the RSS train. Do you read your morning news online? Do you subscribe to sports illustrated or ESPN feeds to get daily updates on you favorite team? How about stocks?

If this describes you and you are a recruiter you should than you are ahead of the game.  Just think how this technology and cascading of information will benefit your sourcing, (more…)