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Zvents.com January 2, 2009

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Having the ability to source and uncover top talent is crucial to your success. Sometimes the tools we use come from non-traditional means.

I’ve recently come across an outstanding tool that is not at all meant for recruiters but you know what that means. As a breed, we are probably the more sticky and intrusive people around, but in the end we find people jobs and that’s what it’s all about.

Enter Zvents.com. Here is a little background. Based in San Mateo Ca., Zvents employs about 55 people and is known as an add network. Most recently ATT invested $24 million into the technology this past September. Their genetics are made up of over 250 media, advertising and mobile partners is efforts to aggregate and share events across the world. The opera, sports events, ballot, movies, reunions. You name it, they probably have it. So if your thinking that recruiting the ballot is not going to be of any use, Iam with you on that.


However, I am looking at this as a way to gather intelligence on the many symposiums and conferences taking place in your own back yard that you may not know about. They take place everyday and through my experience I’ve found this to be one of the most exciting and credible ways to source top talent without traveling.

Now like every method this will not be your end-all answer, but take a look through the results you receive (typically the top few) and you will be surprised how quickly you can develop you spring sourcing strategy. If you are unable to attend, send a friend. If they can’t attend, than get onto the conference website and scour that baby for names, speakers, attendees, sponsors and emails!

Accounting and finance professionals: Click Here

What about Technology professionals? Click Here

This is a great tool to add to the belt and a great way to build target list of professional fully vested in their career and continued education.

Good Luck and enjoy the networks!



TeacherTube! December 26, 2008

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teachertube-logo1Happy Holidays! Here is a quick little post to keep things warm. I am on vacation and will begin regular posting again next week. So, here is an off the wall recruiting tip regarding sourcing for education professionals. With the passing of the recent elections, I have been hearing a lot of talk surrounding education and how can we recruit and develop strong educators. Well, I can’t really help with the development of our educators, but I can spend a few minutes to share a great way to locate and network with some great teachers.

If this happens to be your field of recruitment I would highly suggest checking out Shally at JobMachine and read his post regarding education searching using some great Boolean strings. He really sheds some light for you on using honor societies and some great keywords as well.

teachertube-2I do however want to share a pretty neat tool I came across while online with my wife who is a teacher. It’s called TeacherTube! Yes, it’s very similar to YouTube but it’s strictly education. Watch real educators teach lessons to students and listen to unique and creative ways they are implementing these strategies in the classroom.

Tip: Poke around a bit. It’s not flooded with them, but if you hit the right channels you will find some how to videos in other professional like software development.

I’ll see you all next week!


Friday Fun – Mr. Duey – The rapping Teacher – Impropper Fractions

** I know this post is about TeacherTube – BUT WordPress does not allow video clips from this site yet – so here is the same channel duplicated on YouTbe.

MiddlesSpot.com – Private Workpads – Private Research December 2, 2008

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So, by now you should probably be in the know that I am a search junkie and any tool that will shave 10 seconds off of my time is a tool for me. That is why I decided to write about www.middlespot.com.  Middlespot is a great tool to use to conduct research. The website itself states that it is geared toward teachers, Liberians and researchers, but with a little creativity you can use this puppy to recruit!

Have you ever used Bookmarklets or social bookmarking sites? I have, and the issues I have with these sites are that my bookmarks and notes I have placed on them are public! With Middlespot your bookmarks and all notes attached are private unless you specify different.


KwMap.com November 18, 2008

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KwMap is the keyword map for the Internet. What does this mean? Simple, all you need to do is head over to www.kwmap.com, enter a keyword or phrase and wala. You are given two unique results to look at. First you’ll see a double helix. What’s that? I really don’t know but I know that’s what it’s called. Attached to the double helix are relevant keywords and phrases you can use to narrow and target you search.  The other bit of info you’ll find here is an list arranged in alphabetical order displaying related phrases and search terms you can dig into.  The overall positive here is that the site is unique in the way it is indexing information and above all else, really lets you dig deep into greater detail for whatever it is you are searching. 

Keep a straight head and try to use this tool in your sourcing efforts. I find it particularly good to use when I do not understand something I am looking for. Hmm… Maybe I will try to search a “Double Helix”!

Let me know your thoughts!