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Zvents.com January 2, 2009

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Having the ability to source and uncover top talent is crucial to your success. Sometimes the tools we use come from non-traditional means.

I’ve recently come across an outstanding tool that is not at all meant for recruiters but you know what that means. As a breed, we are probably the more sticky and intrusive people around, but in the end we find people jobs and that’s what it’s all about.

Enter Zvents.com. Here is a little background. Based in San Mateo Ca., Zvents employs about 55 people and is known as an add network. Most recently ATT invested $24 million into the technology this past September. Their genetics are made up of over 250 media, advertising and mobile partners is efforts to aggregate and share events across the world. The opera, sports events, ballot, movies, reunions. You name it, they probably have it. So if your thinking that recruiting the ballot is not going to be of any use, Iam with you on that.


However, I am looking at this as a way to gather intelligence on the many symposiums and conferences taking place in your own back yard that you may not know about. They take place everyday and through my experience I’ve found this to be one of the most exciting and credible ways to source top talent without traveling.

Now like every method this will not be your end-all answer, but take a look through the results you receive (typically the top few) and you will be surprised how quickly you can develop you spring sourcing strategy. If you are unable to attend, send a friend. If they can’t attend, than get onto the conference website and scour that baby for names, speakers, attendees, sponsors and emails!

Accounting and finance professionals: Click Here

What about Technology professionals? Click Here

This is a great tool to add to the belt and a great way to build target list of professional fully vested in their career and continued education.

Good Luck and enjoy the networks!



Yodel with Yotify – Tracking RSS and Candidates December 20, 2008

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So, here is another great tool that I’ve been using now for a few weeks that I wanted to share with everyone. It’s called Yotify and it works as an aggregator or a “scout” as the site calls it.  Regardless: I like the tool and I have become a pretty big fan of it’s applications over the last couple of weeks. (more…)

Track down email domains quick and easy December 16, 2008

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Here’s a quick little ditty on finding domain names for emails when you may be having problems finding the extensions. Obviously you are going to run through your standard approaches but feel free to add this to your search:


You can utilize the site search (x-ray) in this instance:


site: companyname.com


But rather than  x-raying for names or keywords lets focus on emails and possible extensions to the email. For example if we ran the site search but added:


(email OR mailto)


This would start to pick up email verbiage. So, given the fact that we know a little HTML and the syntax to link an email is: mailto: we added this in to try and narrow our results to email addresses. In most cases this is going to give you the info you need to get the correct email syntax.  If not, just play around with the company name and keywords like email and com. Utilizing the * operator will also change your results. If you are using the * operator add two instead of one.


For example:


companyname “email **com” or even three: companyname “email ***com


Tip: try misspelling the company as well. Sometimes editors goof, but the * should pick that up anyway.

8 ways to recession proof your job! (Fortune) December 16, 2008

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With the world now officially in a recession I felt the need to post an old article I always keep handy.  I actually posted this back in February as a confirmation to an article I wrote in January as we brought in the New Year. Here is the article in full. A posting from Fortune 2/1/08:

Originally posted February 2008:

As promised I will be posting great articles as I come across them in my readings. This is a follow up to an article I wrote last month regarding the state of our economy and how the workforce may be affected. I have recently read the following article from Fortune (2/1/08) about how to stay on top of your game in the work place.  Now that we (USA) are headed into a recession, I found the info in this article to be great information and worth a read. Please enjoy! ____ (more…)